Castle Corell

castle corell at night


Located in the capital city of Corell, Corell castle is the symble of Corellian military dominance over the western world. The castle overlooks the Corell City harbor and serves as a strategic military stronghold for the surrounding country side.

Contracting company Magix Inc. handled all the construction of the castle. Renound Corellian Architecht Tom Sorrenson Yenson headed the opporation. It was finished under time and under budget in 5 YAF. The castle used 100% GMCC granite, as they had a monopoly on mining oporations at the time NCM (Natural Caverns Mining) was founded mere days after the completion of the castle. 92% of the granite came from MS Charlie. Redstone tortes from MS Charlie were used as lighting, symbolizing the Emporer's wealth.

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