Fort Gus Talon

Fort Gus Talon, Naval Outpost in Correl City harbor.


Fort Gus Talon is the primary defence against naval invasion against the UKC. Rear Admeral Tom Underhill commands the fort as well as all naval and marine detatchments in Corell City Harbor. Brigadier general Tom Sweinstiger is in command of the 2,216 marines stationed at the base.

Construction of the base began on 7-28-11 and is still in a constant state of remodling. Emporer Kreisman has poured a small fourtune into a concious effort to keep the base fitted with the best war technology money can buy.

General Sweinstiger is confident in his marine's abilities to fend off any future attacks. Now that the Great Horde Wars are over, the base sees little pourpose but as a guardian.