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UKC Flag

Brigadier General Tom Sweinstiger is the commanding officer of the marine detatchment stationed at Fort Gus Talon.

Then a colonel, Sweinstiger commanded the 9th marine infantry in the Great Horde Wars. Sweinstiger suffered the loss of his right arm at the 3ed battle of Corell City.

Sweinstiger also served in the 2nd Crolotheigic War as a Captain. He commanded the 16th mortor and artilary division. The division was decommisioned and Sweinstiger was demoted after a humiliating defeat at the battle of Vreni Island due to the massive friendly fire casualties inflicted by the 16th morters/artilery division.

Sweinstiger later redeamed hiself after the war by earning the Congressioinal Emporer's Meddal of Valor after he saved 254 miners from a Skelli Attack in MS Alpha. Sweinstiger later took a detatchment of 30 marines back into the mines but was unsuccessfull at reducing the Skelli threat, he returned to the surface with only 3 marines. MS Alpha was closed forever and Fort Gus Talon was built on top of it to commemerate the mine that served as a soggy, cold grave for the 27 marines who died in service to the emporer.