The Horde

The Horde

"We are cut off from home, they come out of the darkeness, men vanish with nothing but a agonized scream to mark their former existance. We realize that none of us are going to survive this."

- General Tom James

The great horde war was fought over the land that Corell city now lies on. The Emporer needed the harbor as a capital for trade. Little did the poor workers who were sent in first knew of the threat that awaited nightfall.

once the sun set and darkness overed over the land, The Horde would sprout from the ground. nobody knew were they really came from but anyone who tried to find out died. General Tom James let a force of 6,000 solders and armoured light infantry against the horde, but alas he was unsuccessfull. Not a single person servived from the raid. Jame's body was never found.

General Tom Sweinstiger later went in at daylight and devised a brilliant system of lighting to trap the horde in a ring of light. Sweinstiger's artillery hamered the horde for hours as they burnned in the candle light. Sweinstiger lost his arm leading a cavalry carge against the crippled army. He was awared the Navy Star for his heroism.