Corellian National Lighthouse Day



The National Lighthouse of Corellia is one of the UKC's greatest engineering marvals. The construction of the lighthouse began on 7-29-11. It took 6 hours to complete. 9 people died in the construction of the lighthouse.

You can find the lighthouse in the bay of the Selonian Sea, just east of Fort Gus Talon. Major Tom Newcastle (UKCN) is in command of military opporations on the lighthouse. A small opperating crew is stationed their by the Navy to maintain the 3 lights as well as the 6 120mm howitzer cannons, 19 20mm AAA guns, and 12 .50 cal machine gun nests. A small garrison of 24 active duty marines are also quartared their.

The light house has 3 lights, 2 observation decks, and streches far above the clouds. It is the tallest structure in the UKC. over 2,000 blocks of stone, more than 1,000 blocks of sand, and a little over a hundred blocks of wood were used in the construction. Correl University graduate Thomas Windgate was the chief engineer. It took more than 400 workers the complete the task.